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Fall for Energy Savings in 2019

Summer is coming to a close here in New Hampshire. Are you starting to get your home ready for the fall and winter months? Add these must-do tips to your fall checklist to help lower your heating bills and save energy through the seasons.

Connect with Your Home Comfort Provider

Step 1: Connect with Your Home Comfort Provider

Contact your local New Hampshire HVAC company to make adjustments to significantly reduce your home energy bills.

  • Schedule Your Annual Heating Tune-Up
    Did you know that one yearly visit from your heating system specialist can lower your oil or gas heating bills by up to 10%? This happens because during the boiler or furnace tune-up, your HVAC service technician will perform a safety inspection, complete routine cleaning, and evaluate operating efficiency. If necessary, they will make recommendations for any part replacements. This will ensure that your boiler or furnace is running smoothly.
  • Consider an HVAC Upgrade
    How old is your current boiler or furnace? If your heating system is 15 years or older, it makes sense to upgrade to a new high-efficiency heating system. High-efficiency heating equipment requires significantly less fuel to produce higher levels of comfort. When you upgrade, you’ll benefit from consistently lower energy use for years to come.
  • Sign up for an HVAC Service Plan
    Patriot Heating & Cooling is pleased to offer comprehensive Comfort Plans for gas and oil heating equipment. Comfort Plans include an annual heating tune-up, along with extra “just in case” coverage like 24/7 emergency service and valuable parts and labor discounts. When you are signed up for a Comfort Plan, your heating equipment is likely to run much more efficiently.

Lower your thermostat when you are away or asleep

Step 2: Save Energy in Your Home Every Day

There are several ways you can lower your daily energy use by making small changes to your routine:

  • Wash loads of laundry in cold water
  • Seal drafts around windows and doors
  • Lower your thermostat when you are away or asleep
  • Keep curtains open on sunny days

Saving energy and saving money in the Greater Manchester, NH region doesn’t have to be a hassle! Contact Patriot Heating & Cooling to schedule your annual heating tune-up, get a quote on a high-efficiency heating installation, or to learn more about easy ways you can save energy every day.