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Heating Oil Furnaces in Southern New Hampshire

Winters in the Southern New Hampshire area come with a cost—they’re bitterly cold and require the best home heating equipment to keep your home warm. Don’t risk your family’s comfort and safety when it comes to your heating system. Choose a dependable, highly efficient oil-fired heating furnace installation from the experts at Patriot Heating & Cooling.

Our oil-fired furnaces will keep your home warm by forcing hot air through your NH home’s central ductwork. Your whole home will get warm quickly and stay warm reliably with a high-efficiency equipment installation from our team of HVAC technicians. We provide only the best brands of oil-fired furnaces for our customers to use and enjoy because we care about maintaining a high level of comfort and safety in your home.


Benefits of Upgrading to a High-Efficiency Oil Furnace

The obvious benefit of upgrading your home heating oil furnace is that you’ll have a more reliable method of keeping your home warm. But did you know there are some other benefits that might not be as obvious? Check them out below, and as always, let us know if you have any questions about your next high-efficiency furnace installation.

Reduce Fuel & Repair Costs Annually

Consider this—a brand new heating system could save you as much as 30% annually on fuel oil alone. Having a modern piece of oil equipment will not only cut down on your annual fuel costs; it will also reduce the number of heating repairs you need to make each year.

Lower Your Risk of a No-Heat Emergency

Nobody likes heating emergencies—they’re stressful and can be hard on the wallet. A new system will have a significantly reduced risk of breakdowns, and breakdowns can leave your family in a tense situation.

Increase Your Property Value

Most families in the New Hampshire area move about every seven years. When you sell your home, a new oil-fired heating system will allow you to have more negotiating power on the price—and that’s after you’ve already gotten enjoyment out of the heating system yourself!