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4 Steps to Save Money on Spring Energy in Southern New Hampshire

No New Hampshire homeowner wants to spend more than necessary on home heating and air conditioning bills. Cut back on your Southern NH energy bills this season with the tips outlined below! And always remember, Patriot Heating & Cooling is here for you with trusted energy services including service, repairs, tune-ups, maintenance, and installation. Contact us anytime to schedule service.

Cold Meals

Step 1: Plan Cooler Meals

While everyone loves a good home-cooked meal, cold dinners can save you energy in two ways. First, there’s no need to turn on your oven and heat your home unnecessarily. Second, you don’t need to burn energy cooling yourself and your house back down after eating something hot. Meal plan for sandwiches, wraps, salads, fruits, or other cold-prepared foods.


Full Laundry

Step 2: Wash Full Dishwasher & Laundry Loads

Your washing machine and dishwasher use the same amount of water whether there’s a full load or a near-empty load. Fill up your appliances with dirty laundry or dishes in order to get the most bang for your water-heating buck.


High Efficiency A/C

Step 3: Upgrade to High-Efficiency Home Comfort Equipment

Oil and propane technology is constantly improving, which means any heater or A/C that’s more than 10 years old is likely using more energy than necessary to keep your home comfortable. You can get a free HVAC installation quote right here on our website.


Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Step 4: Book Your Annual Tune-Ups

Your heater worked hard all winter, and your air conditioner will work hard all summer. Schedule an efficiency tune-up for your HVAC equipment with Patriot Heating & Cooling today. Not only will you experience better efficiency, but you’ll also reduce your risk of needing to make a service call due to an unexpected breakdown.


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