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Your Spring Energy-Saving Checklist

Woman who is thrilled that she scheduled an Air Conditioning Tune-up

Spring is officially here! Thanks to unpredictable weather, we know our New Hampshire customers are looking forward to warmer temperatures. Add these energy-saving tricks to your spring cleaning to-do list and daily routine to cut home comfort costs and improve overall comfort:

Schedule Your A/C Tune-Up

Don’t wait to call your HVAC specialist for an air conditioning tune-up! Making this appointment in advance is important to avoid long waits and to ensure your equipment is ready for the first hot day of the season. An A/C tune-up lowers the likelihood of a mid-season breakdown, extends the life of your system, and improves overall comfort. Not to mention, a tune-up will help your system run more efficiently, which can lower your summer energy bills by 10%.

Seal Air Leaks

Any small cracks around your doors or windows could be letting outdoor air invade your home. Sealing up drafts with caulking will prevent cool air from escaping and help lower your overall energy costs.

Install Ceiling Fans

Using a ceiling fan in conjunction with your A/C will raise your thermostat’s temperature about 4 degrees without changing the comfort level in the room. If you have a ceiling fan in your bedroom, turn off your air conditioner at night and open the windows to create a breeze with the cool evening air.

Use Window Treatments

Curtains are for more than just décor! Keeping window treatments closed on hot, sunny days will prevent the sun’s rays from raising the temperature in your home. This way, your air conditioner is less likely to overwork.

Turn On Bathroom Fans

A simple hack that can improve daily indoor air quality. Using the bathroom fan while you shower draws excess heat and humidity out of your home. Getting rid of this excess moisture is not only an energy-saving trick, but can also reduce mold growth and improve your family’s health.

Get a jump start on your spring energy-saving checklist. Contact Patriot Heating & Cooling to schedule your A/C tune-up today!