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5 Simple Tips to Save Energy This Summer in New Hampshire

Summer is in full swing, and the days are getting sweltering hot—you can only expect it to get warmer and more humid here in New Hampshire. You’ve likely kicked on your A/C, and we hope you’re enjoying some cooling comfort. If constantly running your A/C to get you through the heat of the season is spiking your energy bills, keep reading because we are here to bring you a few ways to cut your home comfort costs.

How to Save on Energy This Summer:

1. Install a programmable thermostat.

This easy hack can help significantly reduce your energy bills both during the warm and cold seasons. During the summer, all you have to do is program the thermostat to increase when you’re sleeping or away.

2. Check for air leaks.

Go around your home, and check around doors and windows for air leaks. Letting cool air escape makes your air conditioner work harder, raising your energy bill. Caulk or add weather stripping to prevent cool air from escaping.

3. Get your annual A/C tune-up.

Getting a yearly tune-up will help maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner, and it will also reduce the possibility of mid-season breakdowns and the need for service calls. On top of that, you’ll improve your indoor air quality.

4. Opt for cold meals instead of hot ones.

Using your oven or stove can significantly increase your indoor temperature, forcing your A/C to work harder to keep you cool. Plus, when it’s already so hot, no one wants to stand over a hot stove. For meals, go for salads, cold subs, fruit, and other cold foods.

5. Get on Patriot’s Comprehensive Air Conditioning Service Plan.

This plan will help you save significantly throughout the season. With perks like an annual tune-up, priority service, 15% discount on parts and labor, and more, you can’t go wrong.

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