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Upgrade to a New Heating System before It’s Too Late

Winter will be here before we know it! If you are a homeowner in the Greater Manchester, NH area you know how low the temperatures can drop. Why wait until the last possible minute to see if your home heating system is ready for yet another freezing winter? Now is the right time to upgrade your home heating system to a new high-efficiency model. Patriot Heating & Cooling makes it easy for you and your family to stay warm and comfortable all season long.
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4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Oil or Propane Gas Heating System

  1. Higher Efficiency
    rating can help you save even more money, as these are energy-efficient systems that are designed to deliver maximum comfort while using less heating oil or propane to operate.
  1. Fewer Service Calls
    When your home heating system is brand new, you’ll experience better comfort and worry less about the chance of unexpected breakdowns. Your new boiler or furnace will be ready to operate at its absolute best, saving you the cost and hassle of maintenance calls and fees throughout the winter months.
  1. Rebate Programs
    You may be surprised by how many statewide, nationwide, and dealer-specific rebate and financing programs there are available for homeowners with new, high-efficiency energy systems. Contact Patriot Heating & Cooling today to inquire about rebates you may qualify for.
  1. Replacement Parts No Longer Necessary
    At the time of your last HVAC tune-up, did a technician suggest that you update or replace a component or two of your heating system? For older heating systems, replacing parts becomes more and more frequent, causing you unneeded stress. However, an entirely new, high-efficiency boiler or furnace installation will need significantly fewer repairs and replacements.

If these reasons give you some peace of mind and you are ready to invest in a new, high-efficiency boiler or furnace heating system before winter begins, contact Patriot Heating & Cooling today! Our technicians will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you have, as well as the installation of your new home heating system.